Here are our top three reasons we think the bathroom is THE most important room in the home.
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Why is the bathroom so important?

The bathroom is among the most used rooms in your home. Aside than the bedroom, it’s where we essentially begin and end each day, and is often used as a retreat from the outside world. In fact, did you know that the average person spends one and a half years of their lifetime in the bathroom?

It’s easy to forget how important the bathroom is until you really need to use it and it’s occupied or if there’s a plumbing issue!

Here are our top three reasons we think the bathroom is THE most important room in the home.

It’s one of the most valuable rooms in the house. A bathroom makeover, if done right, can add significantly to your property’s value. TV property expert, Phil Spencer, has suggested that a new bathroom can add as much as three percent to the value of our homes if the space is practical and well-planned.

Value can be added through something as simple as covering up ceiling imperfections with some fantastic, and affordable, cladding and using quality tiles with good grouting. It may be simple but it’s effective.

It sets the tone for your entire home. Both guests and family will use your bathroom, so the appearance and atmosphere of this room is one of the most important things to consider. The bathroom suite, furniture and accessories such as candles, artwork, plants and towels can all play a major role in setting the tone for the rest of your home.

It’s the perfect place to retreat. The bathroom is pretty much the only place in the home where you can escape and not be disturbed. If the door’s shut, generally others won’t enter! The bathroom can offer a space of solitude and, if designed well, can be a great place to unwind and escape from the stresses of the day.

We take the bathroom for granted a lot more than we would like to admit so the questions are what’s the state of your bathroom and is it time to give this room a little TLC?

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