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5 Reasons Why You Should Have TLC Flooring.

You Need To Know What TLC Flooring is Before We Get To The Benefits?

TLC Flooring is a vinyl click flooring which has the look and feel of natural bespoke materials without the price. 

Featured Oak

As there are so many unique designs, there is one to fit your every desire. Whether you want sleek stone finishes or wild wood, there is a design to suit you.

So… Lets Move Onto The Benefits Shall We?

Here are 5 benefits of having TLC LOC Flooring.

  1. Quick Fit

It is so straightforward to install just simply lay and click it together. It’s so easy anyone can do it and can even do it on your own. 

    2.   Maintenance

As the flooring is not made of natural wood, it means there are no special treatments needed to keep it looking clean and new. All you need to do is brush and wash with warm water. 

     3.   Durable

This TLC Flooring can last a life time. All you need to do is keep up with maintenance and it will be sure to last you 20 years. 

     4.   Comfortable

Although it looks like natural wood (if you choose a wood design), you won’t get the threat of constant splinters in your feet. As well as this, it will not be cold to the touch like stone/ceramic tiles would be in the winter. 

    5.   Water Resistance

Ad long as the TLC Flooring planks/tiles are laid correctly, there should be no chance of any water getting through. They are watertight which means that you can have it in any room in the house… Even your bathroom!

Now that we have established that there are many benefits of using TLC flooring, what you waiting for? 

Team Cladwise
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Making a splash with two years in business!

We’re delighted to be celebrating two years in business! Here’s the story.

North East bathroom installation firm announces growth plans marking its two-year anniversary in business.
Gateshead-based Cladwise Bathrooms is celebrating two years in business with the opening of its stylish new showroom and plans to increase its workforce.

The family-owned company was established in 2017 and has enjoyed confident growth in a fast-changing and demanding marketplace over the past two years, doubling its turnover in this time.

The company supply and install a wide range of high-quality bathroom furniture, fixtures and cladding and, due to demand, now also offer their own range of tiles.

Cladwise Bathrooms is run by siblings Tim and Emma Hutley, along with Tim’s partner Kelly. Tim and Kelly were already working in bathroom fitting industry and decided to go into business together when Emma returned from travels abroad.

Tim said: “Kelly and I were spending a lot of time trouble-shooting problems with badly-installed bathrooms and knew we could offer a much better service. When Emma came home from travelling in Australia, we invited Emma to join our team.

“We’ve since become synonymous with outstanding customer service and it’s this reputation for quality that has driven our success. We’ve enjoyed steady growth throughout the North of England and are now looking to recruit an apprentice to help us with the increasing demand and our plans for growth.”

The company has also revamped its shop floor and showroom at its premises on the Team Valley Trading Estate as part of its ongoing mission to provide an outstanding service providing and fitting full bathroom suites and cladding.

Tim explained: “The new-look showroom will support our growth and serve even more customers. The investment demonstrates our commitment to delivering an exceptional service, from design through to installation for domestic and commercial customers across the North of England and beyond.”

The company has achieved its success to date without funding or private investment, instead relying on referrals and building its excellent reputation.

Tim concluded: “Our immediate plans are to keep growing, and ultimately our vision is to continue building and retaining our reputation as an outstandingly brilliant bathroom retailer and installer.

“I’m very proud of our achievements to date and look forward to many more years ahead as we help our customers realise their dreams.”

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Four reasons to wise up to cladding!

You’ve decided that your bathroom needs an overhaul and have chosen the furniture, fittings and colour scheme; but what about the walls?

The days of covering the bathroom walls with a lick of paint or wallpaper are over. And luckily, there’s an alternative to ceramic tiles that can give you the style you’re looking for while reducing time and cost.

What is this alternative? Cladding.

Bathroom cladding is a type of waterproof wall panel system, usually made from PVC or acrylic, and is tongue and grooved so that each panel slots into the next. It looks fantastic and will continue to look good indefinitely as it requires zero maintenance.

Here are four great reasons why you should seriously consider cladding over the more traditional decorating methods for your bathroom.

Quick and easy to install. Unlike tiles, cladding is very easy to install and there’s no messing around with grout, which we all know can be a messy and lengthy job. And while tiling creates an impressive effect, you can still achieve a tiled effect with cladding for a polished finish.

In addition, cladding can be placed in many areas throughout the bathroom including on existing wall coverings, ceilings and inside showers, which makes it easy to completely overhaul the look of your bathroom quickly.  Also, we have many styles designed to be used within the other areas of the house, for example, kitchen, dining room, study and even bedrooms.

Waterproof and insulated. Cladding is very durable and waterproof so is perfect for bathrooms, showers, cloakrooms, utility rooms and even kitchens.

It also acts as a superb insulation and sound-proofing barrier, so your bathroom will retain temperature and will keep it a lovely quiet sanctuary for you to enjoy. It helps to reduce condensation, which can be an issue in these areas of the home, reducing the risk of damp and mould; the enemy of the bathroom!

Easy clean. Bathroom cladding is exceptionally easy to clean, which is why it’s such a popular option for busy family or public bathrooms. Just wipe it down with a cloth, water and a suitable cleaning product and you’re done.

Stylish. Cladding is available in an extensive array of stunning styles, a variety of different colours that will transform your bathroom into a stylish haven that can’t be matched.

We want you to relax and enjoy your bathroom with the peace of mind that you have invested well. If you need support in selecting the right cladding, please do get in touch!