Out with the old bathroom? Don’t chuck it, reuse it!

Are you looking to upgrade or renovate your bathroom and not sure what to do with your old suite and furniture?

It’s your responsibility to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly, if you fail to do so, you could face financial penalties. But have you thought about the alternatives rather than a trip to the tip?

Upcycling, recycling, repurposing and salvaging are all fantastic alternatives to simply sending stuff to landfill. Here are just a few ideas to get you going.

Take it outside. This is especially great if you’re a keen gardener and looking for interesting places to grow your flowers or vegetables; your old toilet, sink or bath can be the ideal place. Baths are the perfect depth to grow vegetables or could be used as a small pond. Sinks or toilets can be used for trailing flowers, and you could even turn a sink into a water feature with the addition of a pump.

Give it away. Often, the reason we want to replace the bathroom is because we fancy a change, rather than because it’s broken. Websites like Freecycle and Gumtree will let you advertise your old bathroom suite for free, and it’s the responsibility of the person collecting the items to pay and organise for collection.

Make a bathtub sofa. One of the most fashionable ways of reusing an old bath is turning it into a sofa or a chair. Baths turned into sofas are often sold in upmarket interiors shops for thousands of pounds, but if you want to do something similar you can either take on the job yourself or ask a local craftsman to help you out. Metal baths tend to work better than plastic ones, but whatever the sort of bath you have, you’ll have to cut it in half length-wise, put on feet for support, smooth off any rough edges and add lots of comfy cushions.

Remember, most items are recyclable! Almost anything can be recycled from your bathroom. Porcelain and ceramics are excellent candidates for recycling as they can be crushed ready for use again. Taps, radiators and copper pipes are often welcomed by recyclers and put to work again in some capacity.

It’s exciting to think about how your new bathroom will look when it’s installed, but it’s also definitely worth considering where your old fixtures and materials will end up so that you can do some good with them rather than just sending them to landfill.

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