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Bathroom Design and Installation

Bathroom design and installation is not something that everyone can pull off, you need the right knowledge, teamwork, equipment, time, and resources, it is a tough job.

Luckily, we are the top choice across Newcastle, Gateshead and the North East for bathroom design and installation, our professional teams are equipped with the tools, skills and experience to make sure that your dream bathroom becomes reality and the project, from start to finish runs smoothly.

Our Design and Installation Process

Step One – Design

The first step to bathroom design and installation is making a plan. Some things that play into the design of your bathroom are how many people you wish to fit in it, whether or not it will be fully functional as a washroom/bathroom, what style you want it to have, and what size you want it to be.

We will discuss everything at this early stage with you, we have run hundreds of projects, so you are in good hands.

Step One - Bathroom Design

Step Two – Supplies and Materials

The second step is creating a list of all the different supplies and materials that are required and if they are currently in supply and available, such as ceramic tiles, cladding, mirrors and other bathroom furniture that you decide on.

We provide everything that is needed to create what you desire from the huge range of choices available.

Step Two - Bathroom Supplies and Materials

Step Three – Installation

The third step is the most challenging, it is time for the installation team to step in, they will arrive prepared and ready to go to ensure that our company completes the transformation within cost and budget.

Step Three - Bathroom Installation

Step Four – Finishing Touches

Once your dream bathroom has been installed successfully, we will move on to the finishing touches from our bathroom ranges, such as adding equipment like showers, sinks and toilets before tiling or cladding the bathroom.

Step Four - Finishing Touches

Step Five – Tidy Up

Our team will be sure to take care of any leftover materials so that they do not cause any damage to the people or items around them.

Then it’s time for the final step of this process, cleaning up!

If you have used our design service to make your ideas a reality and we are project managing the process in your house, then you will know that the team will be tidy and keep you up to date with their progress.

Step Five - Tidy Up

Why Cladwise Bathrooms Ltd are the right installers for your dream installation

You want to install a new bathroom but know nothing about it. Where do you begin? Cladwise Bathrooms Ltd can help guide you through the thick and thin of remodeling your new bathroom and installing a new shower and bath.

From discovering what type of bathroom designs would work best for your home or business, to assisting in designing to using our complete installation service.

Our team of professionals to help with your dream bathroom design and a highly professional bathroom installation service. They will provide you with expert advice on the project from start to finish.

Our Bathroom Range makes Your Ideas Reality

We will listen carefully to your ideas and then work out how your existing bathroom can be successfully transformed into a bespoke bathroom design that has been beautifully fitted for your convenience.

There are numerous things that need to be taken into account when getting a fitted bathroom service, such as; space available, size of the room, style of the bathroom suite and what bathroom furniture you may want to add.

Our bathroom project experts can help with all these issues and transform your space at a cost you can afford.

As a small family run business we give honest advice when designing your bathroom layout, whether you live in Newcastle upon Tyne or Gateshead.

Our friendly installers are with you to ensure that we deal with any unforeseen problems that arise, however, we are always available on the phone should you need to contact us.

Cladwise Bathrooms Ltd is your local, reliable company for the full selection of new bathroom services.

    This includes a complete bathroom design and installation service, but we also supply all the elements you need to do the project yourself, including ceramic tiling, flooring, plumbing, toilet, showers, baths, lighting and much more in our online shop and at our showroom in Team Valley, Gateshead, where you can pop in, view our range, discuss budget, aim and project.

    We love working with our customers to make their dream bathrooms into reality. We take great pride in our work and pay close attention to detail while constructing your individual bathroom.

    This means you get a fully functional, perfectly fitted bathroom that makes the most of your space while looking fantastic.

    Do It Yourself

    We can offer a total package that includes everything from initial design advice to the final installation of a high-quality finish.

    We can work closely with you to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. We also provide a range of bathroom and shower features to suit your budget or needs, so you can create your bathroom yourself.

    Do It Yourself Bathrooms

    Newcastle, Gateshead and the North East

    We work across Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and beyond, installing many different types of bathrooms in homes and businesses right across the North East.

    Our range of modern fitted bathrooms is hugely popular with our customers as we fit out a wide variety of unique designs and styles.

    Our bathroom design and installation experts are detailed but personable, allowing you to have the say every step of the way.

    So whether your dream bathroom is contemporary or classic, we can help make it a reality for you. We are your first choice when looking for reliable Newcastle upon Tyne designers and installers; talk to us today on 0191 9082463.

    Removing your old bathroom or wetroom

    It is very important to start this part of the process correctly. The first thing you will need to do is carefully remove your old toilet, bath, shower, sink, tiles, etc so that they do not cause any extra damage in any way.

    To prevent too much dust from being created by the removal we recommend wearing a face mask and goggles.

    Taking your time to remove each of the old components will ultimately help you avoid damage from being caused by rushing this stage of the process.

    Once all your fittings have been removed you should go ahead and obtain a dedicated damp course before installing a new bathroom or wet room in Newcastle or Gateshead, we do provide a full rip out services should you need it.

    We provide a friendly service and always recommend a house or home visit before we install any of our bathrooms.

    All our work is guaranteed with our 1-year workmanship guarantee, you will also receive any parts guarantee that is applicable.

    Visit our Showroom

    If you have any questions for the team at Cladwise Bathrooms about our design process or how our installation team operates, you can contact us on 0191 9082463 , or pop in to see us at Team Valley or make a showroom appointment.

    Our Promise To You

    We promise and guarantee that you will have a great experience when you work with us and we have a huge bathroom range for you to choose from, that includes all the fixtures or lighting you may need or have seen elsewhere.

    We create bathroom dreams to suit any budget and guarantee our work. We know that detail matters and that is why the owner visits your property on completion to ensure that all those final details have been completed.

    Contact Us

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